Permission Request

Thank you for your interest in reprinting Indigo Ink Press publications. To request permission please send the following to Jessica Bennett, or use our contact form.

… Author/Artist, book title, and specific page, poem or passage that you would like to use
… Your contact information, including email address, mailing address and phone number

For reprint in a book:
… Title of the book and publisher (include website if available)
… Details of how you would like to use our material within your work
… Price, page length and format of your book
… Expected print run
… Geography in which your book will be in print (national/international)

For reprint in a magazine, newspaper, newsletter, journal, please also include:
… Publication title
… Publisher with website
… Total circulation

For reprint on a website:
… Website address
… Length of time you wish to have the work posted

Rights Inquiries

Please direct paperback, foreign, television, movie, and other subsidiary rights inquiries to Jessica Bennett.

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