We are proud to announce the 69 artists who will represent Stark County arts in the upcoming Stark ARThology, available this November from Indigo Ink Press.

Stark ARThology Coming Nov. 19

The committee selected an incredible cross-section of artists from our county – these artists are thematically diverse, stylistically diverse, geographically diverse and diverse in their media. Despite the diversity, there is one thing that each artist has in common…creative talent and ingenuity!

The Stark ARThology artists are:

Angelina Verginis
Bili Kribbs
Billy Ludwig
Bob Maurer
Brandon Bowman
Brett Marriner
Brittany Steigert
Brittney Breckenridge
Carol DeGrange
Carolyn Jacob
Chris Triner
Clare Murray Adams
Craig Booth (Uncle Dreg)
David Kuntzman
David McDowell
Derek Zimmerman
Diane Belfiglio
Diann Adams
Donna Fuchs
Dr. Fredlee Votaw
Erin Mulligan
Frank Dale
George L. DiSabato

Hurshel Smith
Isabel Zaldivar
Jeff Lowe
Jeremy Aronhalt
Jerry Adam Burris
Joanne Mariol
Joe Martino
John M. Branham
John Strauss
Joseph Close
Judi Krew
Judith A. Sterling
Keith R. Wilson
Kevin Anderson
Laura Barry
Laura Kolinski-Schultz
Lynn Digby
Marti Jones Dixon
Marty Chapman
Megan Mars
Michael Weiss
Michele Cimprich
Michele Waalkes

Mieze Riedel
Nancy Stewart Matin
Pat Ripple
Patrick Buckohr
Priscilla Roggenkamp
Renie Britenbucher
Robert Joliet
Sandy Adams
Sarah Winther Shumaker
Scot Phillips
Sharon Mazgaj
Shawn Wood
Stephen McNulty
Steve Ehret
Su Nimon
Ted Lawson
Thom Metz
Tiffany Marsh
Tim Belden
Tina Puckett
Vicki Boatright
Wanda Montgomery
William Shearrow


Big thanks to our ARThology advisory committee, including: M.J. Albacete, Canton Museum of Art, Robb Hankins, ArtsinStark, Gail Martino, Stark County Educational Service Center, Margo Miller, Mt. Union College, Christine Shearer, Massillon Museum and Todd Walburn, 2nd April Galerie. And thank you to all 162 artists who took the time to submit work for our anthology!

Stark ARThology will be available November 19, 2010 from local retailers and online. More details are coming soon for the ARThology launch party.

*Cover Image: Ted Lawson’s watercolor painting, “Mini Bittner”