With Modern Grimmoire, our goal is to collect, as the brothers did 200 years ago, tales by and for the current (and future) generation, and to see how our creative collection is inevitably informed by those that came before it.

Tales and lore are enduring. They are transformational. Indigo Ink Press’s very reason for being is to publish the work of new and burgeoning writers and artists–those who have the power to transform us, but need the means.

With a little luck (and a lot of magic) maybe, just maybe, 200 years from now a piece from our collection will have been altered and adapted by the generations, much like Cinderella, Snow White, and a multitude of other happily-ever-after predecessors.

With YOUR DONATION, we’ll print and distribute the book, and award the outstanding prize-winning contributors. And if by some true miracle we find ourselves with more than we need, proceeds will go to publishing future books by our 501(c)3 press.

Help give our story a happy ending… with your support, we can publish this exciting anthology of new tales. Thank you for your consideration!